Department of Public Health conducted Students` Scientific Conference dedicated to the memory of the first Head of Department, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor- Djumalieva A. A on May 26, 2017.
Djumalieva A.A is the founder of Public Health Department as well as bacteriological laboratory, and participant of International Educational Programs that earned her love and respect by the students
At the Students` Scientific Conference, 13 students (4th Sem) presented poster presentations and ppt reports on actual problems of Microbiology and Public Health.
1. Aluri Pruthvi Sai Chaudhry-The best exposition and presentation of the material (4th Sem)
2. Bhavaraju Revathi- The best content material (4th Sem)
3. Kucherlapati Sri Vandana-  The best poster- (4th Sem)

All the above mentioned reports were on relevant topics and reflect the existing problems of diagnostics of pathogens and prevention of diseases.
The students were trained at a high level and showed a good knowledge of the subject.


List  of participated students  at the conference:
1. Ameer Hamza Shaheed – 45 gr
2. Bhavaraju Revathi – 1 gr
3. Arakalata asrith – 3 gr
4. Misala Lakshannagari Nivesh – 2 gr
5. Pruthvi Chowdary Aluri Sai – 3 gr
6. Gorentla Ranjith Kumar Reddy – 4 gr
7. Chinmay Hanumani Choraghe – 23 gr
8. Sumedh Sanjay Gaikwad – 23 gr
9. Vandana Kokerlapatti – 23 gr
10. Sangay Munria – 24 gr
11. Cnehit Rajeshirke – 37 gr
12. Srasthi Sharma – 34 gr
13. Kukkala Vikram – 33 gr
14. Karri Apuroopa – 33 gr