The program requires 5 years of study for High School graduates who have 12 years of previous educational experience (mostly for British Commonwealth citizens). This program is implemented in English as the language of instruction.

The program is implemented by integrating modules based on trainings and was introduced in Kyrgyzstan with the technical support of World Health Organization experts as well as through the application of the credit hours system.

The duration of the medical studies is 5 years (ten semesters). The instructions, labs, lectures and examinations are conducted entirely in English, and  is completely identical with the coursework and curriculum pursued by the local Kyrgyz Republic medical students. Learning the Russian language (Kyrgyz Republic`s official language) is also mandatory during the first three years of the program. This is an obligation for students to be able to communicate with the locals during their practical classes.

The first two years of medical school includes an overview of basic science courses. The first year is devoted to general understanding of biological, chemical and physical sciences, as an obligatory to the practice of medicine. Starting with the second year, the focus progressively narrows down, channeling the studies towards those biomedical sciences that are most relevant for a practicing physician.

The theoretical part of the medical education is conducted by obligatory, optional and facultative disciplines, in the form of lectures, seminars, practical exercise and self-trainings.

Practical training is conducted by  hands-on, in-clinic education and pre-graduation internship.

The clinical years are a time when lectures and laboratories are shaped into the patient care. The clinical studies are, in fact, a check-up of the application of the biomedical sciences mastered during the first two years of medical school. The teaching from the third year onwards, takes place exclusively in clinical settings of university modern facilities including hospitals and involves working with patients admitted for treatment.

The last year of medical studies is exclusively for practical purposes. During the last year, students work under the direct guidance of the assistants and instructors with high academic positions at the clinics.

Final assessment of knowledge acquired by the students after accomplishing their full course of studies is given by the State Inspection of Licensing and Accreditation (Attestation) of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic with comprehensive theoretical and practical state examinations. ​

After the successful completion of the 5-years course of academic studies in the Program of medicine, students are awarded by  diplomas testifying to their completion of higher medical education. Graduates are conferred the Doctoral degree along with the professional qualification of “General Medicine”- Doctor of Medicine. European supplements to the medical diplomas are issued in English upon graduation.


Necessary conditions:

  • Completed intermediate education (12 year)
  • 50% completion score
  • Tuition paying capacity

Necessary documents:

  • Certificate of completed intermediate education
  • Passport with appropriate entry visa
  • Medical reference – 086 form
  • Application form
  • 10 photos (3×4 cm)

Address:       Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, 1f, Intergelpo street,

Phone/Fax:  +996 (312) 644402, 653673 (International Department)




Address:       Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, 1f, Intergelpo street,

Phone/Fax:  +996 (312) 644402, 653673 (International Department)