Since the ISM training program has its own medical specifics in comparison with other faculties of IUK, ISM operates in its own campus located separately from other IUK campuses. ISM campus includes an administrative building,  180 beds hospital and morphological center.

The central administrative campus of ISM is situated six blocks away from central IUK campus and includes the Administrative Department with Rector`s and Vice Rector`s offices, Accounting Department, Academic Affairs Department, Students` s Affairs Department, Quality Department and HR Department. Dean`s office is also located here to manage the educational process and handle any sort of students’ problems.

The left block of the 3rd floor is occupied by the Chair of Humanitarian Disciplines, which include Russian, Medical English and Medical Latin language classes. The right block is the setting for International Affairs and Students` Affairs Departments.

The left block of 4th floor is the location of the Chair of Natural Sciences and Disciplines and the right block is Practical Skills Laboratory providing ISM students with possibilities to develop their practical knowledge in broad areas of medicine.

The left block of 5th floor is for the Chair of Pathology and the right block is occupied by the Chair of Public Health.