Department of Public Health

The Department of Public Health of ISM was founded in 2009. Head of  Department of Public Health is Anar A. Djumalieva MD, PhD, Associated Professor.

There are 5 doctors of medical sciences, among them 1 academician and 2 professors; 

4 candidates of medical sciences, 3 of them are associate professors; 

without a degree – 6 people.

 The department is responsible for teaching public health to medical students and the supervision of students doing doctorates. Our department provides multidisciplinary teaching and research and includes next units: course of Public Health (8 semester), Information Activity on Health Protection (10 semester), Microbiology with Virology and Immunology (3 and 4 semesters), Epidemiology (9 semester), General Hygiene (5 semester), History of Medicine (2 semester), Economics (5 semester), Bioethics (3 semester).

 The personnel of Public Health Department are creative, innovative and fun. We enjoy sharing our enthusiasm for the teaching and collaborating with students who are interested and have new ideas. The members of our staff are constantly improving professional qualifications and language skills. They continually refine and improve educational and methodological materials.

 The department is equipped with educational microbiological laboratory which was opened in 2011. It provides laboratory investigations of the clinical specimens and interprets laboratory tests for identification causes. The other facilities of the department include electronic library, video library and library fund. There is also an e-mail address of the department.

 International collaboration

The department collaborates with other departments within ISM and foreign universities. It participates in the scientific society of epidemiologists, microbiologists and parasitologists. Being a leading institute of public health research, it takes part in dissertations review and their discussion.   Every year Prof. Dieter Kleiner comes to give lectures on Microbiology on an exchange program between a university in Germany and the IUK.

An agreement on scientific and pedagogical cooperation between our Department and Kazakh National Medical University named after S.D. Asfendiyarov (KazNMU) was reached. The department and KazNMU applied for a NIM Planning Grant titled “Central Asian Institute for Environmental&Occupational Health” in collaboration with Medical Central University of Nebraska (Omaha, USA).

According to collaborative agenda “Visiting professorship” (IUK and KazNMU) the head of the Department of Hygiene Prof. Toguzbayeva K.K. conducted master classes for employees of the department and lecture students on Occupational Health (2011). The associate professors of department gave the lectures in KazNMU – K. Dzhusupov (2011), A. Djumalieva (2012). 

It also invited Dr. Christian Guksch, a senior expert in Medical Education and he came in 2012 for training out teachers in implementation of OSCE and PBL. 

The department has established a good partnership with the faculty for Health &Well-being of the Cumbria University (Lancaster/Carlisle, UK), since 2006, Prof. Vincent O’Brien is doing research projects in Visual Ethnography&Health with the teachers of the department.

 The members of the department participated in development of on-line course of HIV/AIDS for health professionals and implementation in Central Asia in cooperating with UNDP, GIZ, KSMI for continuing education (2007-present).

 Research programs:

 The department carried out the research work:

  •  The research work titled «Adaptation of foreign students in ISM of Kyrgyzstan» has been carrying out with students. Two stages of this work have been finished: the first stage focused on social and living conditions, influence of climate and geography, schedule of classes, level of students’ health, regime of food and nutritional values, possibility of cultural activities and bad habits (2009 – 2010). The second stage (2011-2012) is focused on the academic problems: interaction between students in a group, students with teaching staff and administration, management and organization of the study process, professionalism of teachers’ skills, analysis of students wishes for improving educational system and management. At the moment the students continue to study the health level of students.
  • Prevention of thyroid pathology in Kyrgyzstan
  • The epidemiology of tuberculosis in the Chui region using genotypic methods
  • Social determinants of health of the rural population of KR
  • Study and implementation of infection control in the Centers of family doctors in the KR
  • PCR diagnosis and epidemiology of urogenital infections (in collaboration with the department of propedeutics therapy)
  • Nosocomial transmission of parenteral viral infection
  • We are constantly searching and preparing grant applications. The department staff prepared and submitted two application projects under Tempus programmer.

 Cooperation with students

  •  The employees of the department organized and conducted the first student scientific conference (2009). Seven presentations were prepared and a film «Handling clinical specimens» was made.
  • According to the research «Adaptation of foreign students in ISM of Kyrgyzstan», were written 2 presentations for international conferences in the Netherlands. (2010, 2012).
  • For the second student scientific conference was prepared by three teams of participants (2011).
  • The department helped the student community “Tunduk” in organizing the conference, which took place with the support from UNAIDS, December 15, 2011. 
  • Two presentations were prepared for participation in the Student Conference (April 10-12, 2012, KSMA).
  • Two times a year our department conducts the microbiological competition in various versions (individual presentations in the form of KVN, interactive games, role-playing games, etc.).
  • Our staff organizes parties with students


 Over the past two years, employees of the department published 57 articles in local and foreign scientific journals. The department has developed and implemented syllabuses, programs, guidelines, lectures, tests, assignments for independent work in 8 subjects. Two glossaries has been prepared for publication (on Microbiology and Epidemiology). Information materials are being collected for the publication of an atlas of Microbiology. Manual handbook on “Practical microbiology” is being developing.


 Department staff participated in the conferences and seminars:

  • Roundtable on Public Health with the participation of KSMI for continuing education, ISM, WHO, the SSC, the Ministry of Health (October 2010).
  • Meeting of the WHO collaborating centers and national focal points for the launch of the European information network for health workers (5-9 December 2010 Bonn, Germany).
  • A regional distance learning course on HIV / AIDS (March 2011, Dushanbe).
  • Scientific and practical conference “Model of medical education Kazakh National Medical University named after S.D. Asfendiyarov”(May 20, Almaty).
  • The Conference of Young Scientists (April, 2011, Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, KazNMU named after Asfendiyarov).
  • International Conference on Occupational Health (April 2011 -Astana, Kazakhstan).


Department of public health, Ground floor, Morphocampus, Vinogradnaya st. 1, Bishkek

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