Acting head of the Department: M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor CHOLPON TASHTANBEKOVNA SULAIMANOVA.

PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENT was founded in 2009. Dr. Anar A. Djumalieva MD, PhD, Associated Professor chaired the department until December 2014.  There are 6 staff members with the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences, 9 with PhD.

The department is responsible for teaching public health to medical students and the supervision of students doing doctorates. Our department provides multidisciplinary teaching and research and includes the following courses: History of Medicine (2nd semester), Bioethics (3rd semester), Microbiology with Virology and Immunology (3rd and 4th semesters), Environmental Health (5th semester), Economics (5th semester), Public Health (8th semester), Epidemiology (9th semester), and Communicating for Health (10th semester).

The personnel of Public Health Department is creative, innovative and cheerful  We enjoy sharing our enthusiasm in teaching and collaborating with students who are interested and have new ideas. The members of our staff are constantly improving their professional qualifications and language skills. They continually refine and improve educational and methodological stuff.

The department is equipped with educational microbiological laboratory which was opened in 2011. It makes possible to conduct laboratory investigations of the clinical specimens and interprets laboratory test results for identification of causes. The other facilities of the department include electronic library, video library and library fund.

Contact information: e- mail: Phone:  (996) (312) 449204

Postal address: Department of Public Health, Institute for Mountain Physiology, No 1, Vinogradnaya st. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan