Mission and Vision


The International School of Medicine serves the needs of local and global community by educating students to become clinicians who demonstrate professionalism, practice evidence-based medicine, advocate for patients, and share highest moral and ethical standards of health care.


The International School of Medicine will be a foremost leader in medical education in Asia. Our students, faculty, and alumni will emerge as leaders bound to health equity and quality care for all through innovative experiences and research


  • Prepare students to function as professionals in all areas of clinical interest;

  • Strengthen awareness of and responsiveness to the needs of local and global communities;

  • Advocate for patients rights and health equity;

  • Encourage professional involvement and leadership;

  • Inspire  commitment to continuous personal and professional development through innovative research.


Modern equipment of the simulation center of International School of Medicine

Erasmus Plus TUTORIAL of International School of Medicine

Сoncert dedicated to the 25th anniversary of International University of Kyrgyzstan

Zoology Museum Visit

Delegation from India arrived in Kyrgyzstan

Zoology Museum Visit

Erasmus Plus TUTORIAL

The 1st Olympiad on practical medical skills at ISM

The forum of Belt and Road International Medical Education Alliance (BRIMEA) in Shenyang, China

PhD program application