Education Quality Assurance Policy

ISM objectives in the field of quality:

• ensuring the university's competitiveness in the market of educational and research services through the training of highly qualified graduates;

• maintaining quality management in higher education on a high-level;

• formation of an effective system for managing ISM human resources potential;

• Integration into the global educational and scientific environment.

Main directions and tasks of the policy:

• Continuous study, analysis and use of feedback on the quality of education from students, employers and partners;

• Enhancement of the educational process and introduction of new educational technologies;

• Increasing the involvement of students in the management of the educational process, including the      strengthening of student organizations, their representation in the decision-making process;

• Improvement of the infrastructure and equipment of the educational process;

• Introduction of a system for attracting, motivating and retaining the best personnel as the ISM main resource;

• Creation of an effective system to support the professional growth of science-based teaching staff;

• Creation of conditions and infrastructure that contribute to the conduct of effective science based research and the promotion of its results;

• Encouraging and promoting student science;

• Expanding opportunities of cooperation and partnership in the region and the world, sharing experiences and introducing successful practices;

• Promotion of the positive image of ISM in Kyrgyzstan and abroad.

• Adhering to and promoting values


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