Department of Humanities


DEPARTMENT OF HUMANITIES was established  in September 9, 2008. The teaching activities include the following disciplines: Russian language, Philosophy, Sociology, History of Kyrgyzstan, Latin, English.

Brief content of disciplines

Russian language

Language and grammar skills are offered to ensure casual communication  in writing and speaking to cover common vocabulary typical of professional speech in Medicine. Basic rules of word formation. Speaking dialogues and monologues. Basics of public speech (verbal message, reporting). Reading. Writing. Types of expression: annotation, abstracts, theses, messages, private letters, business letters, curriculum vitae.


The place and role of philosophy in culture.  Fundamentals of philosophy. Basic fields of schools of philosophy and its historical development stages. Structure of philosophical knowledge.

History of Kyrgyzstan

Methods and sources of historical studies. Conception and classification of historical sources. What historians say about the ethnonym of Kyrgyz. Three basic fields of studies of origin and formation of the Kyrgyz nation. The history of Kyrgyzstan as an integral part of universal history.

Latin language

Brief history of the Latin language. Concepts of basic medical terminological nomenclatures. Basic principles of word formation. Clinical terminology: names of diseases, physicians-specialists, pathological conditions and methods of treatment and examination. Names of parts of body, organs, inflammations.

English language

Phonetic articulation specifics, intonation, accentuation, and rhythm of speech in the specific language, pronunciation typical of formal speech; transcription.

Minimum vocabulary  of 4000 words. Speaking. Basics of public speech. Listening. Comprehension of dialogues and monologues in common and professional communication. Reading. 

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