Department of Infectious Diseases

Head of the Department: Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor AINURA ZARYLBEKOVNA KUTMANOVA.

INFECTIOUS DISEASES DEPARTMENT was established in 2008.The curriculum of Infectious Diseases focuses on the important definitions required for the understanding of Infectious Diseases, presentation of infection, its pathogenesis and scientific investigation of viral, bacterial and protozoan diseases of humans, including the vectors that transmit infectious agents. Currently, the clinical settings of the department are: National Hospital of Kyrgyz Republic, Kyrgyz Research Institute of Balneology and Medical Rehabilitation, National Center of Maternity and Childhood, National Center of Phthisiatry, National Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases.

The department constantly improves the educational process, innovates teaching methods with modern computer technology, updates methodological tools, develops and implements elements of test control of students' knowledge, whilst using interactive games, situational tasks and video films.

The main goal of Department is formation of basic knowledge on clinical competencies on infectious diseases for students that ensure readiness for postgraduate education.

The scientific work is connected with the HIV program, intestinal infections, and viral hepatitis. The scientific direction of the department is determined to take into account the epidemiological situation of infectious diseases in the republic. Department members conduct scientific research on viral hepatitis, HIV infection, and present their results in scientific articles. Much attention is devoted to scientific work with students by involving them in research. A student scientific society is open at the department where students carry out various studies and present their results participating in conferences.

Medical work and practical support to health authorities include the consultation of patients in the Republican Hospital of Infectious Diseases and other medical and prophylactic institutions of the city, as well as conducting trips by air medical service to all regions of the republic. Through this work, great contribution is made in the fight against actual infectious diseases.

Department of Infectious Diseases keeps close cooperation with Kazakh Medical University of Continuous Education (Almaty, Kazakhstan).

Our staff takes part in the educational Project of International Program Center (ICAP).

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