Department of Macro&Micro Anatomy

Head of the Department: Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor  SHAIRGUL KARYPBEKOVNA KASMANBETOVA.

MACRO AND MICROANATOMY DEPARTMENT was organized as the department of morphological disciplines in 2012. The Department is located at the Institute of Mountain Physiology of the National Academy of Sciences, Kyrgyz Republic. The teaching activities include clinical and theory classes in the following disciplines: Anatomy, Histology, Topographic Anatomy.

The main tasks of the Department is to develop in the student a systematic approach to the analysis of information in seeking solutions to problems using theoretical knowledge and practical skills, which ensures the acquisition by graduates of General and Specific competencies in undergraduate training of physicians.

Brief content of disciplines

Human anatomy (1, 2, 4 and 5 semester)

The composition of human body in interconnection to functions and topography of systems and organs. Development and individual specifics. Osteology, Arthrology, Skull, Myology, Splanchnology, Angiology, Central nervous system, Sensory organs, Peripheral nervous system, Endocrine system, Digestive system, Respiratory system, Reproductive system, Cardiovascular system, Skeleto-muscular system, Uro-genital system.

Histology (1, 2, 4 and 5 semester)

Basic regularities of development and vital functions of organism supported by structural organization of cells, tissues and organs. Histo-functional specifics of tissue elements. Their research methods. Cytology, Basic Embryology, Basic Histology, Epithelial tissue, Glands, Blood and lymph, Hematopoiesis, Proper connective tissue, Skeletal connective tissue, Muscular tissue, Nervous tissue, Nervous system, Sense organs, Cardiovascular system, Hematopoietic organs and immune system, Endocrine system, Respiratory system, Digestive system, Uro-genital system, Skeleto-muscular system, Reproductive system, Human Embryology.

Topographical anatomy  (7 and 8 semester)

Basic concepts of topographical anatomy (its scope, internal and external guiding points, projection of anatomic formations on coverlet, their holotopy, skeletotopy, sinotopy).

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