Department of Pathology

Head of the Department: Candidate of medical sciences, Ass. professor GULNARA SAPAROVNA MOLDOTASHEVA.

PATHOLOGY DEPARTMENT was founded on June 8, 2012, on the order (№ 25) of ISM. The Department of Pathology at the International School of Medicine unites four medical disciplines: Anatomical pathology, Pathophysiology, Forensic Medicine, and Science of Law. The first two disciplines are taught at the main campus of the school. Forensic Medicine and Law are taught at the city hospital №4.

Brief content of disciplines   

Anatomical pathology is a medical specialty that is concerned about the diagnosis of disease based on the gross, microscope, chemical, immunologic and molecular examination of organs and tissues. Anatomical pathology is one of two main divisions of the medical practice of pathology, the other being clinical pathology, the diagnosis of disease through the laboratory, analysis of bodily fluids and tissues.

Pathophysiology is a medical discipline, that seeks to explain the physiological processes or mechanisms observed during a disease. Pathophysiology is a convergence of pathology with physiology.

Forensic Medicine is a medical specialty involving the study and application of scientific and medical knowledge to  produce objective information for use in the law enforcement system.

Science of Law is a medical discipline dealing with health related laws of the state.  

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