Department of Special Clinical Disciplines

Head of the Department: Candidate of Medical Science, Associate Professor SVETLANA VLADIMIROVNA FYODOROVA.

SPECIAL CLINICAL DISCIPLINES DEPARTMENT  was founded in 2017. The teaching activities include the following disciplines: Ophthalmology (8 semester), Otorhinolaryngology (8 semester), Neurology with neurosurgery (5, 8 semesters), Medical Genetics (9 semester), Phtisiopulmonology (8 semester), and Dentistry (8 semester).

Currently, the clinical settings of the department are: National Hospital of Kyrgyz Republic, Kyrgyz Research Institute of Balneology and Medical Rehabilitation, National Center of Oncology, National Center of Maternity and Childhood, ISM Clinic.

The goal of the Department is to ensure educational experience and clinical skills, prepare students to apply the knowledge and skills to clinical practice and scientific research in various fields of Medicine. The department has multimedia equipment, which is actively used in teaching. For all the disciplines there are electronic textbooks, which include lecture and seminar materials. There is a large stock of case-study tasks, which help students develop the clinical thinking. In addition, there is an electronic library and a huge amount of visual aids. All materials are available to students.

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