Department of Surgery

Head of the Department: Ph.D., Associate Professor TURAR AKHMETBEKOVICH ERMEKOV

SURGERY DEPARTMENT  was founded in 2008. The teaching activities include clinical and theory classes in the following disciplines: General Surgery (4th year), Surgical diseases (4 year), Outpatient Surgery (5th year). The department operates a scientific society for 4th and 5th year students  as students have acquired access to the surgical department clinics to work with patients and participate in surgeries.

Brief content of disciplines

Surgical diseases

Appendicitis. Hernia. Ulcer. Acute cholecystitis, pancreatitis. Diseases of rectum. Peritonitis. Diseases of veins and arteries. Breast diseases. Suppurative diseases of lungs. Purulent pleuritis. Diseases of thyroid. Echinococcosis.Purulent mediastinitis. Toxic and nodal goiter. Surgery of heart troubles. Aterosclerotic affection of arteries. Diseases of esophagus. Abdominal hernia. Ulcer of stomach and DPK Intestinal obsruction. Diseases of gallbladder, liver and spleen.

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