Current students (overview)

Our main task is to help students  enjoy as much as possible out of their experiences in the school.

The main prerequisite  for each school member to be successful  is to respect ISM integrity code, which  is based on  three main principles -  Equity, Quality, and Transparency.

The key to academic success is a hard work. Our faculty members, university administration and students services are determined to assist ISM students in this endeavor. The students’ resources will help  get good marks and actively socialize  with others within or beyond academic program, residence hall, or students’ and health organizations.

The student’s cabinet service provides all necessary information to hallmark student’s academic achievements.                               

The student’s evaluation page allows students to evaluate current instructors and departments they are trained by and get hold of  information that might help improve learning process.

Academic calendar shows study schedules as well as national holidays.

We are committed to help our current residents getting involved in different organizations, social activities, leadership opportunities, campus jobs and internships, and choose the housing, dining and living options that work best for everyone.

The ISM students’ life resource has  important information about housing, food, shopping, post and bank services with other information helpful for students’ activities.

Essential information about health insurance, medical services and some contacts in case of emergencies  may be found in health and emergency situation page.

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Zoology Museum Visit

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