ISM integrity code

The ISM does not allow discrimination on grounds of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, disability or any other illegal considerations in any school-recognized area of student life. 

Administration and faculty of ISM respects the rights and personal dignity of students, and is strongly committed to its responsibilities with high pedagogical professionalism while adhering to high moral and ethical relationships with students and colleagues.

ISM students have the rights and responsibilities to examine and discuss all matters of interest and to express opinions publicly and privately. Nevertheless, they should respect not only their fellow students' rights but also the rights of other members of the academic community to free expression.

Information about student opinions or beliefs as well as judgment of students’ abilities, which become known to faculty members during the course of study, should be considered confidential and may be disclosed only under appropriate circumstances.

Students' performance should be evaluated only on an academic basis, and not emerge from opinions or other speculations unrelated to academic matters.

Students are responsible for learning the content and maintaining standards of academic performance established for each course study.

Students are responsible for maintaining academic integrity and should report any academic misconduct.

Examples of academic misconduct inlude but are not limited to cheating and use of unauthorized material during examination and assignments, improper collaboration with others,  fabrication, forgery, alteration of documents, lying and other factors that might affect academic success of students.


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