Grading procedures

The basis for the organization of the educational process in the ISM is the use of credit technology. Credit-hours (credit units) are used according to the type of ECTS – the European system of credit transformation and enable to achieve several positive things at once. Thanks to the credit technology, the transparency of the educational process is ensured.

Both the teacher and the student are aware of the structure of the program, which alleviates students’ better understanding of the program as a whole and its separate elements, their positioning and significance in the structure of learning. The credit hours system allows the student to assess the quality and pace of gaining the knowledge delivered. All this is quite important, as it increases the motivation of students and their subjective satisfaction with the learning process, and also plays a significant role in professional self-determination.

The credit system has the following objectives:

  1. Activation of systematic work of students, development of students’ skills of independent work; teaching increased responsibility for the quality of their own training;
  2. Intensification of the work of teachers in improvement of the methods of teaching of students;
  3. The development of a genuine partnership between the teacher and the student;
  4. Obtaining an accurate and objective assessment of the level of knowledge, skills and proficiency in the professional training of students.

After completing the full course of discipline, the student’s progress is assessed on a 100-point system. The number of points corresponds to the following student’s progress results:

90-100 “excellent”

76-89 “good”

60-75 “satisfactory”

0-59 “unsatisfactory”

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