Application and admission procedures

Admission to International school of medicine is a multistage process strictly based on merits.

A prospective student can apply online or through one of our regional partners/representatives.

Except the main requirements we have a set of other specific rules for each country. The additional information might be provided in the regional offices of our regional representatives or directly from our international admission office (contact information is below).

After fulfilling all the requirements  and getting admitted  you will be provided with a provisional admission letter and application form at your request.

Finally, as soon as your visa invitation is ready, we will mail you a confirmed admission letter with visa invitation.

Contact information: +996 312 653673


  • Necessary requirements to consider your application

    • Completed intermediate education (12 years) equivalent to secondary education of the KR;
    • Appropriate rating scores (varies by country of origin);
    • Admission fee (not returned in case of infringements );
    • Paying capacity.


  • Necessary documents to consider your application

    • Certificate of completed intermediate education;
    • Passport with appropriate entry visa;
    • Medical reference – 086 form, (medical examination can be provided in the ISM Medical Center);
    • Application form;
    • 10 photographs (3х4cm).

  • Necessary documents when being transferred from another Higher Medical Institution

    • Certificate of completed intermediate education;
    • Academic reference from previous Higher Medical Institution;
    • Extract from order on expulsion from previous Higher Medical Institution;
    • Passport with appropriate entry visa;
    • Medical reference – 086 form, (medical examination can be provided in the ISM Medical Center);
    • 10 photographs (3х4).

  • If you decide to study at the ISM after your admission you need to submit the following

    • authorization for entry is given on the basis of the ISM application;
    • consideration of request for visa support is finalized in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the KR within 1 month;
    • you can obtain  entry visa  in diplomatic representation offices and consular departments of the KR abroad or consular agency in “Manas” airport (for the citizens of EU, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia etc.);
    • Other useful information necessary upon your arrival in Kyrgyzstan  can be found in prospective students in page as well as student`s life and health and emergency resources that provide information about medical services, housing, food, shopping, post and bank services.

  • After your arrival to the ISM you need to know

    • your passport shall be registered by Ministry of Internal Affairs of the KR within 5 working days from the date of arrival. Holidays and weekends are not counted;
    • assistance in visa registration and extension  shall be  provided by the International Cooperation Center (ICC), room #306;
    • visa validity for international students shall be determined according to  the time of staying in the KR from 6 months to 1 year;
    • deadline for handing passports to the International Cooperation Center  is 30 days before visa expiration date.

  • Your departure is possible

    • on graduation;
    • on expulsion from the ISM;
    • in  case you violate the KR’s legislation, the KR’s Court shall be entitled to make a decision on your deportation


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