Postgraduate program

POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL EDUCATION (PGME, 3 years) is called a residence program (in Russian-ordinatura).The physicians  study in PGME are called residents (ordinators). Physicians will be trained  in chosen medical specialties with focus on development  of clinical skills and professional competencies.  This learning process  makes physicians ready for independent practice in  chosen medical specialties. PGME programs are conducted  in hospitals or other health care institutions, and  for most specialties,  use both inpatient and ambulatory settings

The primary responsibility of the PGME program is to offer  a well-arranged training program under the guidance and supervision of residents, facilitating their  professional and personal development with  safe and appropriate care for patients. Residents assume  greater responsibility throughout the course of the residency, consistent with individual development  of clinical experience, knowledge and skills.

Medical school teaches physicians broad range of medical knowledge, basic clinical skills and supervised experience, practicing medicine in a variety of fields, whereas medical residency gives in-depth training within a specific branch of medicine.

  • Clinical fields /Specialties

    • Surgery

    Specialty: 530001 – «Medicine»Qualification: Master of Surgery – MS

    Clinical settings: National Hospital- Akhunbaev Clinical Setting for Surgery, National Oncology Center

    • Obstetrics and Gynecology

    Specialty: 530001 – «Medicine»Qualification: MD-obstetrician-gynecologist                                             

    Clinical settings: National Center of Maternity and Childhood, Maternity hospital No. 6, 4

    • Traumatology and orthopedics

    Specialty: 530001 – «Medicine»Qualification: MS-orthopedist                                           

    Clinical settings: Bishkek Research Institute of Traumatology & Orthopedics,  National Hospital - Akhunbaev Clinical Setting for Surgery, Chui Regional Hospital

    • Pediatrics

    Specialty: 530001 – «Medicine», Qualification: MD-pediatrician                                            

    Clinical settings: National Center of Maternity and Childhood, Bishkek Emergency Child Care Hospital

    • Internal Medicine

    Specialty: 530001 – «Medicine»Qualification: Doctor of Medicine – MD

    Clinical settings: National Hospital – Akhunbaev Clinical Setting for Surgery , Bishkek City Hospital No.6

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