Prospective students (overview)

Thank you for your interest in the INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MEDICINE.

The ISM offers several degree programs. In this educational endeavor, we seek students who reflect the school’s vision and mission. The main goal of our school is to prepare students to function as professionals in all areas of clinical interest. In particular, we believe that upon completion, our alumni will practice evidence-based medicine, advocate for their patients, and serve their community.

Located in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, International School of Medicine as a division of the International University of Kyrgyzstan offers students a wide range of opportunities to pursue their studies and enhance their medical education. Our faculty members are national and some of them worldwide recognized specialists in different areas of medicine, professional health organizations and agencies. Diverse partnerships with many institutions in our nation’s capital along with faculty members enable current students discover the ability how to treat their future patients using the most cutting-edge tools and techniques

With an average of 400 applications annually, our review process is focused on assessing each applicant's depth and breadth of  proficiency in science, the quantity and quality of their previous achievements, and other unique characteristics.

The Admission Committee seeks  responsible, mature, and ethical applicants who are passionate about medicine and understand that the role of a doctor is a lifelong experience and challenge.

We understand that the decision to pursue career in medicine is not to be taken lightly. The intensity of the educational process requires substantial support from family, friends, faculty and many others. We strongly believe that every applicant needs to make sure he/she is well aware of  his/her potential before applying.

The admissions section of our website provides additional information regarding experience prerequisites, where and how to apply, and what you should expect if invited.

Guide for You (Booklet)

Modern equipment of the simulation center of International School of Medicine

Erasmus Plus TUTORIAL of International School of Medicine

Сoncert dedicated to the 25th anniversary of International University of Kyrgyzstan

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Zoology Museum Visit

Erasmus Plus TUTORIAL

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