IHSM Central Campus

The Central Campus of IHSM is the setting for the Administration Headquarters with Rector and Vice Rectors`  offices, Accounting Department, Academic Affairs Department, International Affairs Department, International Cooperation Center, Students` Affairs Department, Education Quality Management Department, Postgraduate Studies Office, State Language Department, Supplies and Maintenance Department, Education IT Department and HR Department. Dea`ns office is also located here to supervise educational process and solve any problems students may appear to face.

The left block of the 3rd floor is occupied by the Chair of Humanities, which offers training in the subjects of Russian, English, Kyrgyz and Latin, as well as History, Philosophy. The right block is the setting for International Affairs Department and Students`  Affairs Department.

The left block of the 4th floor is the location of the Chair of Natural Sciences Disciplines, which conducts training sessions in chemistry, biology, physics, computer science and molecular biology.

The left block of the 5th floor is for the Chair of Pathology whose areas of concentration are pathophysiology, pathological anatomy and forensic medicine, while the right block is the premises for the IHSM Library.

In the basement the IHSM has a Lecture Hall, the Student Council, leisure rooms for music, dance, instrumental performance. In addition, the IHSM has a cafeteria for students.