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  Forensic medical examination is carried out in medical institutions of the state or municipal health system by an expert of the Forensic Medical Examination Bureau, and in his/her absence, by a doctor who was involved in the examination on the basis of a decision of the person conducting the inquiry, investigator, prosecutor or court ruling. It is these provisions …

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  The Pathology-and-Anatomy Service is a system of institutions and activities, the purpose of which is to improve the quality of the medical and diagnostic work of medical institutions. Doctors of all specialties in one way or another in the process of professional activity come into contact with pathological anatomy. Therefore, knowledge of the tasks of the pathologist service, the …

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  Pathological physiology is one of the basic disciplines in the system of medical education and in the practice of a doctor of any specialty. Pathological physiology studies the typical causes and mechanisms of the development of the disease. The main part of pathological physiology is the study of typical pathological processes that are an integral part of the disease. …

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  Pathological anatomy has a special position in a row of medical disciplines. On the one hand, pathological anatomy is a theory of medicine, which, revealing the material substrate of the disease, directly serves clinical practice, on the other hand, it is a clinical morphology for diagnosis, giving a material substrate of the theory of medicine - general and private …

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