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Is it possible to do research at your university?

Yes, at the International Higher School of Medicine you can enter post-graduate school or carry out scientific research in clinical and laboratory units.

Is there an opportunity to improve the qualification level?

Yes, the International Higher School of Medicine has licensed qualification improvement courses in pedagogy, psychology and pedagogical skills.

Do you have social guarantees and incentives?

Yes, according to the Labor Legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic and the provisions of the International Higher School of Medicine on labor incentives for staff.

Can a citizen of another country get a job at your university?

Yes, if there is an invitation and registration of the right to work in government bodies.

What level of English should the applicant have?

Advanced level recommended.

Do you have an opportunity for an employee to combine the fulfillment of external and internal duties?

Yes, it is envisaged.

Does IHSM admit students to enter in the spring semester?

Yes. IHSM provides admission for fall and spring semester for freshmen.

What if English is not my first language?

A strong knowledge of English is essential for successful study at IHSM, including the ability to understand and express thoughts quickly and clearly. 

Must I live on campus?

You must live in IHSM Hostel your first-year at the University. Some students choose to live off-campus their following years. 

Can I work in KR with my student visa?

No. Student visa does not allow various degrees of work permission.

What should students know about visas?

Admitted international students will be provided with information about applying for a student visa in the International Cooperation Center, Central Campus, ICC Office (Mon-Fri, 09: 00-17: 00) or by the e-mail: icc@ism.edu.kg and  0 312 644460 (office number), 0702 237090 (Whats App number).

Where can I find my time tables?

1. Time tables are sent to the Whats App group in which your group leader is present.

2. The updated time tables are available in the Dean’s office, IHSM Central Campus, 2nd floor, Room No. 212 (Mon-Fri, 09: 00-17: 00) or by the IHSM e-services.


How to become the best student of the IHSM?

Every year, according to the results of the examination session, the best students of the IHSM are determined and awarded with certificates and cash rewards from the partner companies “ISM Edu Tech PVT LTD” and “Educational Advisor PVT LTD”.

Are there any student organizations in the IHSM?

Yes, there are two student organizations in the IHSM:

The Student Council and the Independent Student Network "Tunduk"

How to become a representative of the International Higher School of Medicine in the home country?

 Cooperation opportunities are to discuss with the official representatives:

Is it possible to send the original documents via post to the required address?

Yes, it is possible, in case if the graduate pays the charge of the post.

Is it possible for the prospective employers, educational institutions and etc. to get verification letter directly from the IHSM?

Yes, it is possible. They can immediately send their request to the Alumni Office info_alumni@ism.edu.kg

How to get a verification letter on pursuing the degree at IHSM?

The Alumni Office will respond to requests for information on educational attainments.

How many days does it take to get the required documents from the Alumni Office?

It takes from 4-8 working days.

Where do I have to send the original diploma to get apostile?

The original diploma needs to be sent to the following address: International Higher School of Medicine, Alumni and Marketing Sector, 1F Intergelpo str., 720054, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (Phone:+996 312 653 673).

How can I get my diploma apostiled by the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic in Bishkek?

Representatives of the Alumni Office will help you to get the apostile on your diploma.

How can I update my current status?

Your current status can be updated at the database of IHSM once you send your details to info_alumni@ism.edu.kg or you can fill in an application form online .

How do I contact the Alumni Office?

Alumni Office of IHSM can be contacted via e-mail: info_alumni@ism.edu.kg or phone +996 312 653 673