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IHSM incorporates prerequisite courses into the pre-medical curriculum to develop students to be well-rounded in their knowledge prior to their enrollment in the first year of the General Medicine program. The prerequisite courses are meant to strengthen IHSM's international students' capability to meet the general education requirements received within domestic education programs.


IHSM has a 18-year history and distinguished background in training medical professionals for foreign markets. The 3-month courses are constructed using past decades of experience in medical training and work with international students. The IHSM system offers superb opportunities to receive a high-quality education in compliance with international medical standards.


The classic field of IHSM pre-medical training includes 4 courses:

1) English as a non-native language, a 3-week intensive course;

2) Biology;

3) Chemistry;

4) Physics with all of its 3 courses provided during 9 weeks.


According to the curriculum, there is a flexible system of in-class quizzes and exams to control trainees' academic performance.


After passing these 3-month courses, students receive certificates and are enrolled in the 1st year of the "General Medicine" program at IHSM.