Intensive English language courses in ISM were organized in the framework of the Erasmus + project № 573640-EPP-1-2016-1-IT-EPPPKA2-CBHE-JP “Strengthen Network Education, Research & Innovation In Central Asia”


During the period from February to June, 2017, there was conducting of classes   (96 academic hours according to the schedule of the language program within the framework of this project). The study was held in an advanced group (B2 level according to the European foreign language proficiency scale, in other words, Upper-Intermediate Level), and in the beginner group (level A2 on the European scale of foreign language proficiency, including Elementary Level) formed from the number of teachers and administration of the ISM. Our teachers were Evgeniia Zaitseva (Jusup Balasagyn Kyrgyz National University, School of International Relations, ESP Teacher, Lecturer) and Aigul Bolotova (UNDP Sustainable Development Dimension Communication/Public Relations Specialist).

During training sessions students used books which were purchased using funds provided by the project.


During the course, there was also conducting of online testing with the participation of the project coordinator from Italy, who gave an assessment of the students’ knowledge. As for the teacher’s part, following the results of the course, they provided an assessment of the knowledge of the English language course students. Students who successfully passed this course received certificates of completion of the course (96 academic hours).

List of participants



  1. Alina Asangulova
  2. Abdurakhman Vaninov
  3. Daria Merkulova
  4. Ainura Muratbekova
  5. Lyudmila Trofimenko
  6. Mairamkul Turdumambetova
  7. Lola Satyvaldieva
  8. Asel Usupbekova
  9. Cholpon Shamsutdin
  10. Ernist kyzy Asel
  11. Nurgul Yusupova



  1. Aigul Asanbaeva
  2. Aliia Bazhanova
  3. Zhypar Derbishalieva
  4. Zhiparkul Zhunusheva
  5. Baktygul Imankulova
  6. Tatiana Kostritsyna
  7. Zhyldyz Kurzhunbaeva
  8. Emil Ismailov
  9. Ainazik Omurzakova
  10. Bermet Salieva
  11. Ekaterina Samaeva
  12. Nargiza Sataeva
  13. Oksana Skorobogatova
  14. Zharkynai Tumonbaeva
  15. Asel Usenova
  16. Anara Shakhmatova