Lecture on Environmental epidemiology


In the framework of the Erasmus + project № 573640-EPP-1-2016-1-IT-EPPPKA2-CBHE-JP “Strengthen Network Education, Research & Innovation In Central Asia” there was organization and conduction of lecture on environmental health.

The theme of the lecture was:


Environmental epidemiology, exposure assessment and risk perception: examples from air pollution, extreme weather events and noise.

Lecturers were professors from University of Tartu (Tartu, Estonia)-

Hans Orru and Kati Orru. Participants were PhD students of ISM. Number of participants-12 members.


Objectives of the lecture:


  • Overview about Tartu University and Institute of Family Med & Pub Health
  • What is environmental epidemiology, study methods and data needs
  • Methods for exposure assessment
  • Examples of studies on air quality, extreme weather and noise health effects


Achieved results:

Participants had a great opportunity to get acquaintance with research studies and experience of Estonia in the field of environmental epidemiology and to get knowledge in following subjects:


  • Measures of environmental exposure
  • Measures of health endpoints
  • Air pollution in Estonia
  • Experience of Estonia how to combine datasets
  • Epidemiological studies
  • Studies of health effects of environmental noise in Estonia
  • Air pollution risk perception studies
  • Health effects of perceived risk and physical air pollution
  • Health impact assessments


The first section of the lecture contains a program and a brief summary of the main messages that were made during the lecture. The second section of the lecture is devoted to the discussion that was held at the end of the meeting. This part of the report contains the main points of view and opinions expressed in the discussion.