Department of Public Health of International School of Medicine(ISM) hosted a competition on the Microbiology subject among the 2nd year students on 22 December 2017.

Students took active part in the competition and showed their good knowledge on Microbiology expressing the content of the subject with creativity.

For an objective assessment of the competition, below mentioned independent juries were chosen:

Asanbayeva A. M-Lecturer of Bioethics

Ibraimov S. B. – Programmer of ISM

Kerimkanova.G.-Senior Laboratory Assistant

During the competition, the participants presented posters, presentations as well as sketches that lead to the interaction between the students.

At the end of the competition, the students received many positive comments from the juries and thanked the faculty of Public Health Department  for an opportunity to gain exposure to the scholarly breadth within the field of microbiology.