International  School of Medicine has acquired 2 Interactive anatomical “Pirogov” tables. We should note that the “Pirogov” table is a Russian design that provides a full cycle of training in anatomy: from visual familiarization with the material to checking the gained knoweledge.

Teachers of the International Higher School of Medicine successfully completed training in operation of the “Pirogov” interactive anatomical table and received confirmatory certificates.

Students will work with a full-size 3D model of the human body with internal organs and diagnostic data. They will also be able to clearly compare paired organs, norms and pathologies, manifestations of various diseases.

Work with the interactive table is intended for students of different areas of medicine. Capacities of “Pirogov” allow studying topographic and pathological anatomy, fundamentals of forensic medical examination, surgery, ophthalmology, and other areas of medicine.

The visibility, naturalness, simplicity of visualization with the subsequent possibility to control knowledge in 3 languages, Russian, English and Latin, make this equipment unique in the field of medical education.

Interactive anatomical tables will be located in the center of Simulation Medicine under the ISM.