Competitions like sport events or beauty contests have long united the international community despite language and cultural barriers. Students of the International School of Medicine were granted the opportunity to showcase their talent during the school’s Mr. and Miss ISM beauty contest on 26th of March. The event, held in a solemn atmosphere of the Vavilon Restaurant Hall, emerged as an eye-opener for students and faculty of ISM.

And unlike most pageants, outer appearance was not only a focus of the judges. Other qualities like character, talent and self-presentation were heavily emphasized.

While the actual pageant is only one evening, contestants spent a busy three weeks preparing their speech, costume and walk, along with attending school full time. 29 brave students from all semesters, from different parts of India and Pakistan performed on Vavilon Hall stage and amazed viewers with their stunning beauty and talents.

After the self-presentation, each contestant showed an ethnic costume and a casual wear to model in the pageant. Besides Miss and Mr. ISM, there were 5 nominations to strive for: Best Walk, Best Dress-up, Best Physique, Best Smile and Charisma.

The beauty pageant ended in a tearful mode because every contestant deserved to win. However, the beauty event brought satisfactory results.

Congratulations to crowned Miss ISM Revathi Bhavaraju and Mr. ISM Yash Chaudhary!!!

Congratulations to winners of nominations:

Best Walk- Meet Pandya and Tavleen Kour Rissam!

Best Dress up – Shoaib Qurechi and Gargi Smitesh Sheth!

Best Physique- Mohammed Haseeb and Laisharam Sarmila Devi!

Best Smile- Rishav Sharma and Charisma – Zarah Nafis!

Special thanks to Shadab Ali student of 6th semester and young promising designer from India David Bharti for organizing the show!!!.