Students of International School of Medicine (ISM) participated in the «Youth Challenges 2018», a project week, organized by the Development Clinic at the American University of Central Asia in Bishkek.  Students of ISM worked in interdisciplinary groups with other like-minded students in order to understand and design solutions to real challenges contemporary youth face.

In this project, they developed transferrable skills such as team work, presentation skills and project planning gaining deeper understanding about the issue that  concerns young people.

Senior students of 8th semester: Mohammed Farooq Khan and Anukrati Bhardwaj took part in «Internet Addiction» group and students of 4th semester: Rashid Iqbal, Tariq Anwar, Shubham Sharma took part in «Gender Issues» group and were awarded by Certificate of Appreciation for the active participation and valuable contribution to the «Youth Challenges 2018» project.