In the frame of the academic mobility program, administration of International School of Medicine invited lecturers from the University of Tartu, Estonia  to conduct aseries of lectures on epidemiology and biostatistics on 10-11 May 2018. The lecturers will be attended by teachers and young scientists of ISM.



  1. Introduction. Population and sample, exposure and outcome.
  2. Epidemiological measures: prevalence, incidence.
  3. Disease registration at population level. Databases on internet.
  4. Indirect age standartisation.
  5. Types of epidemiological study. Measures of association.
  6. Ecological studies.
  7. Descriptive studies.
  8. Cross-sectional study.
  9. Cohort study.
  10. Case-control study.
  11. Intervention studies, randomized clinical trials.



  1. Introduction to statistics.
  2. Types of data. Summary statistics and other methods for data description.
  3. Variability within and between samples. Normal distribution. Confidence interval.
  4. Statistical tests: z-test, one sample test, two sample test and ranksum test, paired t-test and signedrank test; significance probability.
  5. Statistical tests: chi-squared test, Fisher exact test; correlation.