Field of Research


Since its establishment, to date, International School of Medicine has been a training center with high standards in science, medicine, and research gaining reputation not only in Kyrgyzstan but also in South-East Asia.

ISM’s research objectives have been prioritized relating to the theme of medical science and health care, one of them being “The physiological and pathological aspects of the Human body”.


  • study the pathogenesis, modernization of the methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of major diseases in children and adults.
  • develop and implement the methods of diagnosis and treatment of surgical pathologies.
  • develop and improve the diagnosis and treatment of acute surgical diseases of the thorax, abdomen, and pelvis, including latest endosurgical procedures.
  • develop and implement the methods of diagnosis and early detection of infectious diseases, including research in the field of microbiology and immunology.
  • study the pathogenesis and develop the criteria for the effective diagnosis and treatment of infectious and endocrine diseases by respective departments.
  • understand the physiology and pathogenesis of adaptation in the area of molecular genetics and population genetics, and analyze the risk of genetic and multifactorial diseases.
  • introduce new technologies in training, as well as in the theoretical foundation of universal competence, in teaching of humanities.


Based on all the research work carried out since 2009, different kind of scientific conferences have been held tol date, amongst the students of ISM and participants from other universities.

  • The first conference was made successful with 7 major abstracts, and among them, “the study on the social and living conditions of ISM international students,” made by Dr. Muddasir Mohammed Ghouse was given the First place award. Later this abstract was officially presented at the “International Young Medical Scientists Conference” held in the United Arab Emirates, where it got the Second place award .
  • Ghouse was  further recommended, for the admission to thecourse, Masters of Public Health (USA).
  • The second conference held in May 2011, highlighted four abstracts by our students, of which the one prepared by Dr. Zeeshan Ali and titled  “The factors contributing to the health of ISM students” was presented at the ISCOMS conference, Netherlands’11 thanks to which, he was given admission to the follow-up research program.
  • Later Dr.Ali was  recommended by the Head of the Public Health Department Dr. Djumalieva A.A. to the epidemiological research program in Groningen, Netherlands.
  • The conference of young scientists held at the KSMA (10-12 April 2012) in thememory of Daniyarov S.B, was represented by student of ISM, Ahmad Hassan. He presented a project on the “Features and drawbacks in the adaptation of foreign students in the universities of Kyrgyzstan” and won a special prize. Later he was recommended for the admission to the MA course in Germany.
  • On the initiative of Djumalieva A.A, the former head of the Public Health department, four final year students: Ahmad Hassan, Thippa Kuppuram Eshvari, Thippa Kuppuram Vaishnavi and Praveen Kumar Jadhav took part in the forum of international students, held from 17 to 19 April 2012, in The Kaznm university, Almaty.
  • The students of the ISN-TUNDUK in cooperation with UNAIDS, organized an inter university conference on HIV/AIDS.
  • 1300 students from all over the world participated in the Model United Nations Conference initiated by UN in April, 2013, which helped understand the structure and functions of United Nations. Among top 15 students Ammar Younas got a full scholarship. Certificate of Scholarship was awarded at FAO, UN Headquarters in Rome, Italy.
  • More than 400 International students and 900 Italian students participated in this conference which made it one of the largest International Students Conferences. This conference was attended by Dr. Younas while representing IUK, 6 Kyrgyz Students from AUCA, 1 Kyrgyz Student from Germany and 1 Kyrgyz student from USA.
  • State Medical University of Novosibirsk (Russia) hold the International Research-and-Practical conference among the students and scientists on the subject of “Morphological science as the basic Foundation of practical medicine” dedicated to the memory of Professor M. I. Subbotin, which took place on 8-9 December 2016 and the second International student`s Olympiad on morphology: anatomy and histology which was held on 10 December 2016 in Novosibirsk city.



ISM employees have published a total of 96 scientific and methodological publications including 7 monographs and 2 manuals.

Some of our publications have appeared in the internationally renowned indexed magazines like the Skopus, the Web of science etc.