Department of Macro and Micro Anatomy

  • The chair macro- and microanatomy has been organized as chair of morphological disciplines in 2012. The chair is located on the base of Institute of Physiology of Mountains KR of National Academy of Sciences.On chair of macro- and microanatomy training students 1, 2, 3 and 4 courses includes studying of basic and clinical courses on following disciplines: anatomy, histology, topographical anatomy.The summary of disciplines:Human Anatomy (1, 2, 4 and 5 semester): Osteology. Arthrology. Skull. Myology. Splanchnology. Angiology. Central nervous system. Sensory organs. Peripheral nervous system. Endocrine system. Digestive system. Respiratory system. Reproductive system. Cardiovascular system. Skeleto-muscular system. Uro-genital system. 

    Human Histology (1, 2, 4 and 5 semester): Cytology. Basic embryology. Basic histology. Epithelial tissue. Glands. Blood and lymph. Hematopoiesis. Proper connective tissue. Skeletal connective tissue. Muscular tissue. Nervous tissue. Nervous system. Sense organs. Cardiovascular system. Hematopoietic organs and immune protection. Endocrine system. Respiratory system. Digestive system. Uro-genital system. Skeleto-muscular system. Reproductive system. Human embryology.


    Topographical Anatomy of Human (7 and 8 semester): Topography of organs of systems: respiratory, digestive, reproductive, skeleto-muscular, cardiovascular, blood, uro-genital.


    Educational and methodical work:

    The basic academic problems of chair is formation at the student of the system approach to the information analysis by search of solutions of a problem with use of theoretical knowledge and practical abilities that provides acquisition by graduates the general and special compilations at undergraduate training.


    Scientific activity:

    The chair Faculty together with employees of Institute of mountains KR of National academy of Sciences and the Kyrgyz state medical academy is spent by research works in following directions:

    1. Immuno-morphological researches of phenotype contractible cells and extracellular matrix in embryonic vessels and placenta of the human.

    2. Histo-morphological researches of organs of immune system at the human and experimental animals in the conditions of high mountains.

    3. Anatomo-morphological researches of lymph nodes of the human.

    4. Degree of physiological pressure of foreign students in the course of adaptation to training.


    Chair structure of macro- and microanatomy:

    Teaching staff of Chair consists of 11 persons, including one doctor of medical sciences and two candidates of medical sciences:



    Scientific degree, Position



    Human histology  Nanaev А.К.  Ph.D.,  Professor,Head of the Chair
     Kasmambetova Sh.K.  M.D., AssociateProfessor, Director ofStudies
     Sapakunova K. Sh.  Assistant
     Bazhanova A.E.  Assistant


    Human anatomy and topographic anatomy  Abaeva T.S.  M.D., AssociateProfessor
     Duishenova K.Sh.  Main Assistant
     Rahmatov N.A.  Assistant
     Zhoomartov U.A.  Assistant
     Sovetova M. T.  Assistant
     Abdyshev K.K.  Assistant
     Gajvoronskaya J.B.  Assistant


    Education (the academic education):

    Basic education of teaching staff of Department is the academic education received in the Kyrgyz state medical academy named I.K. Ahunbaev.


    The publications for last year:

    1.     Omurbaev A.S., Zhanganaeva M.T., Abaeva T.S., Gayvoronskay Y.B. The anatomical investigation the lymph nodes located the helium of the lungs of human (article). Bulletin of KSMA named I.K. Ahunbaev, № 4, p. 95-100. – Bishkek, 2012

    2.     Omurbaev A.S., Gayvoronskay Y.B., Zhanganaeva M.T, Abaeva T.S. The anatomical investigation the lymph nodes located near the bifurcation of the trachea of human (article). Bulletin of KSMA named I.K. Ahunbaev, № 4, p. 87-90. – Bishkek, 2012.

    3.     Sapakunova K.Sh., Sharshembiev J.A.,  Saparbaev A.A. Morphology of lymphoid structures in the walls of human vestibule of the larynx (article).Bulletin of KSMA named I.K. Ahunbaev, № 4, p. 95-100. – Bishkek, 2012.

    4.     Sharshembiev Z.A., Imanaliev D.M., Kasmambetova Sh.K., Ajipova Zh.T. Morphology of lymphoid structures in large intestine at the acclimatization of organism to high mountains (literary review). Bulletin of KSMA named I.K. Ahunbaev, № 4, p. 153-158.Bishkek, 2012.

    5.     Sharshembiev J.A., Imanaliev D.M., Kasmambetova Sh.K., Isakov M. A. To a question morphology of the immune apparatus in the appendix of rats (article). Bulletin of KSMA named I.K. Akhunbaev, № 4, p. 91-94. – Bishkek, 2012.



    1. The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy named I.K. Akhunbaev, Bishkek.


    The contact information:

    The address: street Gorky 1/a, Bishkek

    Phone: (0312)449-892