Passport and Visa PR

If you decided to study at the International School of Medicine (ISM),


When enter to the Kyrgyz Republic (KR):

  • authorization on entry is given on the basis of the ISM application;
  • consideration of request on visa support is finalized in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the KR in 1 month;
  • receiving of entry visa is possible in diplomatic representation offices and consular departments of the KR abroad or consular agency in “Manas” airport (for the citizens of EU, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia etc.);

After your arrival to the ISM:

  • passport registration is realized by Ministry of Internal Affairs of the KR in 5 days from the date of arrival, excluding holidays and weekends;
  • assistance in the registration term and visa extension is provided by the Department for International Affairs (DIA), room#303, 304;
  • visa term for international students is determined on the time of staying in the KR from 6 months to 1 year;
  • deadlines for handing passports to the Department for International Affairs are30 days before visa expiration date

Your departure is possible:

  • on graduation;
  • on expelling from the ISM;

in the case you violate the KR’s legislation a decision on departure is made by the KR court

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