Network “TÜNDÜK”

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS NETWORK- TÜNDÜK (ISN) is based on the idea of Student advancement, integration, mutual respect and individual development.

TÜNDÜK received its name and spirit from the Kyrgyz word TÜNDÜK, which means unity. ISN-TÜNDÜK is an International non-governmental organization, founded in Bishkek, the Kyrgyz Republic, on 18th of April 2005, and legally registered with INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MEDICINE OF INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF KYRGYZSTAN (ISM IUK).

The organization has its head office located in the ISM hostel (Turusbekova street 88/1, 720001).


ISN-TÜNDÜK aims at working for the interest of students who seek to acquire the overall advancement of their personalities.

  • Improvement of student leadership, communicative and professional skills.Mudassir
  • Discovering talents in the youth at the local, national and international levels.
  • Integration of students of different cultural backgrounds and nationalities by their active mingling during cooperative participation in all activities of the network.
  • Development of the spirit of volunteerism amongst students.
  • ISN-TUNDUK aims at creating conditions for improved trans-cultural understanding between students of different origins.


A student studying in any university around the world is eligible to become a member of ISN-TÜNDÜK after having passed through a selection procedure consisting of an interview conducted by an Interview panel of ISN-TÜNDÜK in his/her respective university.


  • 2 passport-sized photographsдом сирот
  • 1 photocopy of passport
  • 1 photocopy of student card


Regular Board Meetings are held every Saturday in all member universities.

In these meetings, decisions are made, plans are constructed and ideas are discussed between all members of the organization. This is a fantastic opportunity for people from different backgrounds to interact and benefit from one another.


The structure of the Organization is as follows:

 A. The Founder and Social Expert


 B. The Chairman  


 C. The Alumni                                      

Former Director ZEESHAN ALI                        





Director             SINGARA VENKATA  SAI MANIDEEP                                     


ISN – “TÜNDÜK” is the Local Member Organization (LESNMO) of IFMSA in the Kyrgyz Republic.

ISN – “TÜNDÜK” along with MUZA is responsible for the distribution of International Student Identity Cards in the Kyrgyz Republic.

ISN – “TÜNDÜK” is the partner organization of Medical Students Public Association of Kyrgyzstan.

ISN – “TÜNDÜK” is the Partner Organization of Center For Youth Initiatives, along with which it organizes  various youth camps, Debate clubs at the National level.

ISN – “TÜNDÜK” is proud to work as the only Associate Member of Erasmus Students Network outside the European Union.2


A. Educational Events

As Medical Students, we, the members of ISN – “TÜNDÜK”and also the students of ISM, IUK celebrate the AIDS day and also the Tuberculosis day by carrying out rallies, organizing health camps and educating common people about these issues.

The English Talking Club was once organized to provide free quality training in discursive English Language. This club was attended by foreign as well as local students, and was recognized as a success in all member universities.

B. Competitions and Mind-developing Games

The Medical Art Exhibition, The Medical and General Knowledge Quiz Competitions, The IQ test Activities and the Spelling Spree are all part of the mind-enhancing and mentally invigoration activities the organization hosts to stimulate the students of the member universities towards healthy thinking, productive learning and cooperative working for the achievement of common goals.

C. Blood Donation Camp

ISN – “TÜNDÜK” along with Red Crescent Society celebrates the Blood Donor Day every year on 14th of June by donating blood, and also motivating other students and people to donate blood.

D. Volunteer work with the United Nations Organization

ISN-TÜNDÜK has worked as in the spirit of volunteerism, on realizing some health awareness projects of UNICEF in the Kyrgyz Republic. Recently, ISN-TÜNDÜK teamed up with UNAIDS and hosted a conference which included the youth from various.

E. Debate Tournaments

ISN – “TÜNDÜK” is one of the major Organizers of several Debate competitions like the International Manas Debate Cup, Central Asian Debate Tournament along with American University of Central Asia, Center for Youth Initiatives, The OSCE etc.

Other than this, ISN-TÜNDÜK also hosts a yearly Debate tournament of its own to prepare students for the larger inter-university events.

F. ISN – “TÜNDÜK” organizes various workshops and seminars on

  •  Leadership
  •  Public Relations
  •  Health Awareness
  •  Inter university affairs
  •  Medical subjects
  • Practical training
  • Developing communication skills
  • Documentation and data management
  • Logistics and planning


As Kyrgyzstan is surrounded by mountains ISN – “TÜNDÜK” regularly organizes Ecological Tours to the mountains during which we carry out cleaning of mountain areas from plastic pollutants making the tour both entertaining and useful.

Member Universities

ISN-TÜNDÜK currently has Boards and/or Members in the following Universities:

  • Bishkek Humanitarian University
  • Kyrgyz National University
  • Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University
  • Polytechnical University
  • Kyrgyz Turkish Manas University