Ophthalmology subject provides an introduction to all aspects of medical and surgical care of different eye diseases. Medical students have an opportunity to learn the etiology, pathogenesis, diagnostics and treatment of different eye diseases on the basis of studying features of clinical anatomy and physiology of eye. Each student will gain more comprehensive knowledge and awareness  of urgent pathology of the eye. The ophthalmologic division uses the following basic methods of teaching:lectures, practical classes and student’s independent work with patients under control of supervisor. Students thinking of ophthalmology as their specialization are strongly encouraged to participate in research work.


We have strong research background and with a major training unit for students. Our research topics are:

  • New method of treatment of Age Related Makula degeneration.
  • Optical Coherence Tomography by diagnostic of eye diseases
  • Prevention of blindness in India

These topics were prepared by Anupama in 2013, Anil Kumar Punia in 2013, Amarjeet Singh in 2016, Dhanalakshmi in 2017.


  1. “Specific structure of anterior chamber by glaucoma patients in Kyrgyzstan (controlled by use of OCT)”, Moscow, RGS Symposium, Dec 2012;
  2. “Specifics of anterior chamber angle by patients with glaucoma in Kyrgyzstan (using OCT data)”. International Conference of Central Asian Network for Education Research and Innovations in Environmental Health, September 2015;
  3. „The prevalence of open-angle glaucoma and angle-closure glaucoma according to hospitalization in the department of Microsurgery of eye” “Vestnik KGMA” and International Conference in honor of Prof. Aidaraliev’ s 100-year Jubileum, ISM December 2016;
  4. New method of treatment of Age Related Maculadegeneration. “Kyrgyzpatent”, September 2016.


Division of ophthalmology keeps close cooperation with American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), Turkish Republics Ophthalmology Society (TROS), Russian Glaucoma Society (RGS) and German Ophthalmology Society (GOS).


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Dr. Omorova Gulzat Kulchoroevna Teacher
Dr. Sagyndykova Cholpon Jumabaevna Teacher

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