Research work TH

Under the leadership of Professor Usubaliev N. N. the Department operates student’s  research club. The main directions of the research circle include as well  the prevention of diseases among students and problems of cardiology. The most successful members make group presentations at the annual ISM research-and-practical conference. Thus, student Praveen Reddy won the first place for his research paper on “Prevalence of risk factors for heart disease among students.”, 2015. At annual conference he presented the results of The Degree of student participation in the learning process.“, 2016

Scientific inventions:

  1. Baltabaev M.K., Baltabayev A.M. A method of treating alopecia. Eurasian Patent Organization No. EA201400901 (A1) – 2016-02-29.
  2. Baltabaev MK, Baltabayev AM The method of treatment of the true acantholytic pemphigus. Patent for the invention of KR No. 1655. 31. 07. 2014. Intellectual property. Official Bulletin, Bishkek, 2014, No. 8.
  3. Baltabaev MK, Baltabayev AM Method of laboratory diagnosis of true acantholytic pemphigus. Patent for invention № 383. 30. 01. 2015. Intellectual property. Official Bulletin, Bishkek, 2015, No. 1.
  4. K. Baltabayev, A.M. Baltabayev. A method for predicting the course of psoriasis. Patent for invention of the Kyrgyz Republic No. 1606. Intellectual property. Official bulletin. 12/31/2013
  5. “Method of treatment of chronic pyoderma.” Kyrgyzpatent No. 1269 dated April 17, 2009

 Research projects Department of Therapy:

  1. “Differentiated use of innovative technologies in teaching therapy”
  2. “Iodine Deficiency Disorders in Kyrgyzstan”.
  3. “Improving the methods of diagnosis of tuberculosis at the level of primary health care.”
  4. “The effect of compliance of patients with medium and severe acne, as well as rosacea on the effectiveness of treatment and quality of life”