Nazarali N.Usubaliev.

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Professor.

Graduated with distinction from the Kyrgyz State Medical Institute.

–  Clinical residency and postgraduate study at all-Union Cardiology Research Center, Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, Moscow.

– Candidate of Medical Sciences. He defended his thesis on the problem of essential hypertension.  Moscow, Russia.

– Cardiologist of the Kyrgyz Research Institute of Cardiology (departments of arterial hypertension, rheumatology, rhythm and conduction disorders, nephrology).

–  Doctor-Cardiologist of the Research Institute of Cardiac Surgery and Organ Transplantation, 2006-2010.

–  Chief physician of the Research Institute of Heart Surgery and Organ Transplantation, 2011 -2012.

-. Consultant of the City Clinical Hospital No. 6 and the Railway Hospital since 2006.

Teaching activity with the indication of places, positions, terms

– Kyrgyz State Medical Institute. Assistant of the Department of Internal Medicine No. 1.

– Medical Director of the Educational and Methodological Center for Family Medicine of the USAID Pilot Project (USA).

– Kyrgyz State Medical Institute. Senior lecturer of the Department of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology.

– International School of Medicine,  Head of the Department of Therapy since 2007.

The list of basic research works by Usubaliev N. N. Just published 32 research articles.

Title of work printed The name of the publisher, journal, number, year Number of printed sheets or pages Last names of co-writers
1 The issue  of clinical death of patients with acute myocardial infarction printed The first Congress of physicians of Kyrgyzstan. 1978 32-40  Greenstein, B. J., Kolesnik E. I.
2 Mechanism of increase of peripheral vascular resistance in hypertensive disease printed The journal “Cardiology”. 1981. №8 103-107 Shkhvatsabaya, I. K. Yurenev, A. P., Panfilov V.
3 The interrelations of cardiac and vascular wall hypertrophy in arterial hypertension// Cardiovascular Reviews and reports printed


Cardiovascular reviews and Reports 1981.2 1145-1146 Shkhvatsabaya, I. K. Yurenev, A. P., Panfilov V.
4 Structural and functional changes of the vascular resistance and their hemodynamic significance in hypertension (scientific review).




Bulletin of all-Union Cardiology Research  Center, Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, Moscow 1982,

No. 1.




5 Peripheral circulation in various hemodynamic types of hypertension


printed  In the book: proceedings of IX world Congress of cardiology. Moscow.1982.


311-313 Shkhvatsabaya, I. K.  Panfilov V


6 Functional and structural changes of resistance vessels in hypertensive patients with different types of hemodynamics.

Abstract of dissertation


printed Moscow. 1982. 19  
7 The way of implementing family medicine into the health system of the Issyk-Kul region




The first Congress of physicians of the Kyrgyz Republic. 1998


97- 100  
8 Drug formulary family doctor




 Bishkek, 1999. 120  
9 The reform of primary health system of the Issyk-Kul region




The journal ” Health Care Of Kyrgyzstan”.

1999-No. 2


18 -24 Saalieva D.
10 The introduction of family medicine as a priority in the reform of the health system in Kyrgyzstan


printed  The journal  “Russian Family doctor”. Saint-Petersburg. 2000




Saalieva D., Chubakov T., Tom Chu., Abdurahmanov K.
11 Biological active food Supplement and system improvement of the person.


printed Collection. Selected questions of Pediatrics. Bishkek. 2003 2017-2024 Chotbaeva E.A.,

Gintautas V.,


12 Use of Neurostabilizers in the treatment of hypertension.


printed Collection. Selected questions of Pediatrics. Bishkek. 2003


13 The use of drugs in cardiac surgery patients


printed The journal “Medical personnel of the XXI century .2007 No. 2


3 W. Golubkov, P. Denisova, S. Moldosheva


14 Modern problems of Geo-ecology and biodiversity conservation


printed The collection of materials of the 2 international conferences. Bishkek. 2007


4 Zurdinov A.Z., Chotbaeva E. A.,

Shalpykov K. T.

15 The practice of using antibiotics in prevention of surgical infections after prosthetic heart valve and a closed commissurotomy


printed  The journal ” Health Care Of Kyrgyzstan”. 2007,

No. 4


5 Zurdinov A. Z.,

Abdramanov  K. A.


16 Of patients cardiac clinic and rehabilitation operated on for heart disease


printed The journal “Central Asian journal of cardiovascular surgery”. 2008. “2 4 Abdramanov K. A., Urmambetov S. K., Kalieva R. S.,

O. Uraimov


17 The results of the study of iodine supply to the population of the Kyrgyz Republic at present  


Bulletin  IHMS. Bishkek, 2009


4 Sultanalieva R. B.,  Musambetova A.

Clinical pharmacology



Educational-methodical recommendations for students for practical classes. Bishkek.2009


60 Zurdinov A. Z. and other




Expert evaluation of pharmacotherapy in cardiac patients


printed Bulletin of KSMA named. I. K. Akhunbaeva. Bishkek. 2010 25-33


25-33 Turdumambetov U

Usubaliev K.,

D Toktosunova.


20 Prevalence and early detection of diabetes in Kyrgyzstan




Journal ” Health Care Of Kyrgyzstan”.  7/2013


73-75 Sultanalieva R.B.,

Knyazev V.M.

21 Replacement therapy for chronic kidney disease in Kyrgyzstan: problems and ways of their solution.


printed Bulletin Of International University Of Kyrgyzstan – Bishkek, 2015. – №1(27). –


116-120 Joldoshev K.I.



About the issue  of the need to develop emotional intelligence among students of medical faculties.


printed Actual problems of modern science – Moscow, 2017. The materials of the XXX International scientific-practical conference (10.03.2017) “Topical issues of science.”



Chotbaeva E.A.