Conferences/International cooperation/Projects PD

Moldotasheva Gulnara Saparovna

1.Fellowship in the Department of Medical Education, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, USA. Oct 15 2004 – July 5th 2005

2. Workshop on Essentials of Problem-Oriented Learning: Tutor training, Curriculum Design, Problem Construction, and Student Assessment. Springfield, Illinois. June 6-10, 2005.

3. Salzburg Cleveland Seminar in Pathology. May 25th – 31, 2008. The American-Austrian Foundation.

4.  “Management system on improving quality of education based on international standards of ISO 9001.”

5.  “Basic course on Communicative Methodology held from Feb 11, 2011 to May 19, 2012.  “

Ilina Ludmila Leonidovna

1.  “Improving quality of higher medical and pharmacologic education. Analysis upon introduction of new GOS”. Issyk-kul 7-10th May, 2013y.

2.  “Independent accrediting of programs and organizations of elementary and intermediate professional education”.

Zhylkychieva Chinara Saparbekovna

1.International seminar “Pathology” Austria. Salzburg. 2012, 2015 yy.  (certificate)

2. Scientific conference: “Ultramodern achievements of gynecological endocrinology” 12 March  2016 y Bishkek (certificate)

3. Scientific conference: “Gynecological endocrinology: innovation and classic of modern methods of therapy” 14 May 2016 Bishkek. Kyrgyz Association of gynecologist and neonatologist (certificate)

4. Scientific conference: “Threatened miscarriage in first trimester of pregnancy” 10 May 2017 y.  Bishkek (certificate)

5. World Health Sport Tourism Congress Exhibition “HESTOUREX-2017”, 6-9 April  2017 Antalya (certificate)

6  Scientific conference: “Modern decision of actual problems in gynecology” 20 May 2016 Bishkek.  (certificate)

7  The eleventh international conference on biology and medical sciences. September 2016. Austria, Vienna. (certificate)

Kozmina Yulia Vladimirovna

1.  Fifth National Congress on respiratory diseases. 21-22 April of 2011y., Bishkek city, KR.

2.  Scientific-practical conference on “Population health of people living in mountainous area, in theconditionsof changed climate. Dedicated to the Mountain Summit’s decade and twenty-year anniversary of KRSU.

3.  National scientific-practical conference “Physiology, Morphology, and Pathology of Human and animals in the natural environment of Kyrgyzstan”. May 4th, 2011 y., Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

4.  International scientific-practical conference “Epidemiology, pathogenesis and sanogenesis of diseases in the conditionsof changed climatogepgraphic environment”, 18-19 April, 2014y., Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

5 . Science days of KSMA 2016y., Bishkek, 13-15 April 2016 y.

6.  XIII Eurasian symposium “Problems of sanogenic and pathogenic effects of endo and eczpecologic action on internal organs”, dedicated 80 year anniversary of Hero of KR E.H. Akramov, Cholpon-Ata city, KR, 5-9 July, 2016 y.

7. Science Days KSMA 2017, Bishkek, KR, 12-14 April 2017.

Samaeva Ekaterina Valentinovna 

1. Exposition «Jashtar camp», Bishkek, 2014

2. International competition of students and graduate students UNIVERSITY KNOWLEDGE – 2017 March 25, 2017, Russia, Moscow