Bermet M. Khudaibergenova.

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor.

Laureate of the State Prize in Science and Technology

Excellence in Education KR

Graduated  Moscow State University (1984 – 1989), Ph.D., Biology, Genetics, Moscow State University (1989-1993), Doctor of Sciences (2005) Institute of Biotechnology National Academy of Sciences Kyrgyz Republic,  Professor (2016).

Dr. Khudaibergenova B.M. has as a teacher started professional activity at  International University of Kyrgyzstan (1994), the head of department in Medicine School became in 2006, Vice-president of Complex IUK (2012-2015).  Khudaibergenova has headed the Natural Sciences Department in International Medicine School from 2012-today.

 She participated in educational projects of Tempus (2006, 2009); was the member of organizing Commette of The international conference “International Mountains Year – 10th anniversary”. 9-11 December, 2012, Bishkek, KR.; participated in organization of PhD system in KR (2010 – 2014).

Dr. Khudaibergenova Bermet Merlisovna has participated in the scientific projects  on bioconversion of organic wastes (2004-2006). This project was focused on introduction new biotechnological methods in agriculture. She participated in  scientific projects aimed on sequencing and monitoring of Bacillus anthracis foci in KR (2008 – 2012).  Under the head of Dr. Khudaibergenova was successfully the research in the field of metagenomic sequencing of microbial soil consortiums is aimed on looking for novel genes and mutants for degradation radionuclides.

In the frames of projects she promoted scientific and professional skills and competences working  with collaborators in Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley Lab, ( San-Francisco, USA, (2011, 2013) (microarray sequencing), in the Agency of pathogens, Porton Down, (UK, 2012) (SNP sequencing method), in  Los- Alamos National laboratory, Los-Alamos, New Mexico,  USA (2015) (metagenomic sequencing, bioinformatics MG-RAST programme).

Participated with presentations and posters on different conferences and Symposium on Educational processes (Bishkek, Almaty, Brussels, 2005-2010);  17th European  Biomass Conference in Hamburg, Germany, 28 June -03 July, 2009;  Canadian biosafety Symposium,  2009;   The 23rd  ISTC Korea workshop,  Session 3. Biotechnology in agriculture. 5 September – 9 September, 2010;  the 21st  Annual SETAC meeting, 2011, Canadian Biosafety Symposium, 6-9 June, 2011, Toronto, Canada,  “Mountains and climate”, 10-11 December, 2012, Bishkek; the 25th Annual SETAC meeting in Barselona, Spain, 3-7, May, 2015; Presentations of scientific results on Exhibition RADIEX (Tokio, Japan, 2015).

Khudaibergenova  B.M. is author and co-author of 62 papers and 2 monographs and 2 methodical recommendations.


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  5. “Monitoring of water resources under influence of mining plant”. Vestnik Kazakhstan National University, Ecological series, №1/1(40). 2014. p..4-8.
  6. Geochemical status of soils in uranium-technogenic province of Kadzhi-Say // SETAC Europe 25th Annual meeting. 3-7 may, Barcelona, 2015

Under the head of Dr. Khudaibergenova B. M. the scientific project “ Microbiological monitoring of soil in wamim provindes of KR” was successfully excepted. (2013-2015).