Practical Skills Laboratory

ClassISM Practical Skills Lab (PSL) started its working in 2009.There are all conditions, which are necessary for practical students’ skills making on manikins and models, there is also special time for self students’ work.

The main aim of creating the PSL is improving the practical teaching of students, forming of clinical mind and good pre-clinical background. All these things are necessary for good professional medical work of our school’s students.

In PSL, teachers of professional chairs and students can work out all practical abilities of emergency medical aid, palpation,  class2percussion, auscultation of inner organs; such manipulations as suturing, gynecological examination, examination of breast, execution of all types of injections, catheterization of bladder and so on.

At this time there are three blocks in PSL. In the first block, students can work out all practical surgery skills, children and adult reanimation, the second block includes introduction to therapy, introduction to pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, the third block includes electronic library, viewing and listening to different educational audio lessons and video movies. In the future we are planning additional equipment of PSL, creating of new blocks