Meals at ISM

Food is the most important and basic necessity of life. Keeping this necessity in mind, ISM has a special provision for food and catering to student needs through its mess/canteen.

This mess is run by Dr. Phani Bhushan Potu and Dr. Nazir Imran, the ISM Representatives for India and Pakistan. The university’s hostel has a canteen where Indian cooks work. Students have opportunities to enjoy the traditional Indian cuisine. However currently, the mess operates for Indian and Pakistani students only.

Two cooks from India work in the Indian mess. The cook from India is a South Indian food specialist while the cook from Nepal excels in North Indian food. The Indian ISM mess has a variety of menu that includes chapatti, rice, sweets etc. The ISM Mess serves Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian dishes. Vegetarian dishes include vegetables and pulses while Non Vegetarian dishes include mutton, chicken and fish. Meals are served three times a day. There is a specified discipline in the ISM mess. Correct timings should be maintained by students.Special preparations can be ordered or requested by students to the ISM mess administration to celebrate birthdays, festivals and parties etc.

Along with this Bishkek is also a centre for several Indian and Pakistani restaurants (like The Host, Indian Village, Pizza one, Mac Burger, Begemot etc) giving several options for students to dine and hang out.