Medical, post, bank & etc

Medical services

The student’s health is an area of primary concern for the ISM. Doctors are always available to treat the sick. In case of medical emergencies, 103-ambulance service is ready to lift the students immediately to the hospital. The health senators from the students’ community monitor the students’ health 24/7. Student`s Health data is collected once a week and the individual statistics is updated in the student`s health record.


Nowadays much depends on the online utilities, although the postal and courier services have never lost their importance. Many courier and postal services are available to transfer documental and non-documental goods. Along with the well-established EMS postal service, others like DHL, Blue Dart, etc… have always been available. ISM students can receive any postal correspondence and any other messages delivered to the ISM headquarters, which will dispatch them safely to the concerned.


Many international and national banks are localized here in the centre of Bishkek city. Students mainly use their respective country bank accounts for money transactions through their Visa, Maestro or Master Debit cards from many ATM centres scattered all over the city. They can also open their personal bank accounts in the banks based in Bishkek to carry out necessary transactions. Money transfer systems like Western Union, Money Gram, Migom, etc can help you in any kind of money transfer across the world.