The NATURAL SCIENCES DEPARTMENT was reorganized on the basis of the Scientific Disciplines and Public Health Department in 2009. The teaching activities include clinical and theory classes on the following disciplines: General Biology with basics of Ecology, General Chemistry, a course on higher Mathematics and Biophysics, Computer Science for the 1st year students, as well as Molecular Biology as an elective course for  the 5th year students.

Since the vast majority of disciplines are taught in the 1st year, the tasks of the department along with presenting the knowledge are: training students to analyze and organize information, formation of the correct approach to study, teaching  the discipline institution of higher education, preparing  to acquire specialized knowledge and skills which eventually should ensure the harmonious development of progressive and successful development of necessary materials.

Brief content of disciplines

Chemistry (General and Bioorganic)

Chemical systems: solutions, disperse systems, electrochemical systems, catalysts and catalytic systems, polymers and oligomers, chemical thermodynamics and kinetics: energetics of chemical active conditions, chemical and phase balance, speed of reaction and its regulation methods, oscillatory reactions; reactionary qualities of substance: chemistry and the periodical system of elements; basic acidic qualities and oxidization-reconstruction qualities of substances, chemical coherence, complimentary characters; chemical identification: qualitative and quantitative analysis, analytical signal; chemical, physico-chemical and physical analysis; chemical practicum.

General biology with basics  of ecology

Life genesis and developmental regularities in general. Anthropogenesis and ontogenesis of human beings. Laws of genetics. Biosphere and ecology. Parasitism phenomena. Living systems, physiology and ecology of human being. Biologic and ecologic practicum.


Chemical nature of substances, chemical phenomena, and active conditions in organism. Clinical biochemistry.

Higher mathematics and Biophysics

Physical qualities of mechanics; vibrations and waves; molecular physics and thermodynamics; electricity and magnetism; optics; atomic and nuclear physics; physics of solids; physical practicum. Analytical geometry and linear algebra; differential and integral calculus; harmonic analysis; differential equations; the elements of theory of probability and statistics.

Computer science

The concept of information science. Basics of computing techniques. Principles of work on PC. Computer software. MS DOS operated. Norton Commander program. Work with files and disks. MS Windows and its application. Work with MS Windows operating systems and its applications. Basics of image processing. Data base and SUBD. Local and global networks. Ways to search and copy information in the Internet. E-mail. 


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