The Fundamental Disciplines  Department/Chair was established in 2006.

The Fundamental Disciplines  Department is headed by Irina Muhamedova, Associate   Professor of Chemistry, Candidate (PhD) of Biological   Sciences.

She works in the following research field: Biochemical mechanisms of stress adaptation (radiation, high altitude, exogenous, and endogenous factors of different genesis). She has 46 published works which are based on her scientific research.

She is a Member of Council of Chemistry Experts in the Center for Educational Assessment in Kyrgyzstan and also Scientific Secretary of Academic Council of IHSM

The Department offers a range of core academic courses including Human Anatomy, Section-Biopsy, Pathological Anatomy, Topographical Anatomy, Biology, Biochemistry, Normal Physiology, Legal Framework, Forensic Medicine, Pathophysiology, and elective course: Cellular Biology and Genetics.

The Fundamental Disciplines  Department has a highly qualified faculty that includes 2 professors. Moreover, 40% of faculty members hold PhD degrees. All faculty members contribute to the educational program and participate in sophisticated research.

Educational work:

Our focus is on building knowledge-based learning and problem-solving skills by exposing students to basic courses.

Teaching is based on interactive & modular courses. Peculiarities of this method is block and problem-solving approach in delivery of teaching material, enhancement of intra- and inter-disciplinary links and professional orientation of all academic disciplines.

Methodical work:

The basic academic objectives of the Department are to provide incentives and conscious leaning of the teaching material as well as create academic environment and conditions to develop intellectual and communication skills of students. To successfully achieve the objectives set, the Department develops and uses active teaching methods. 

Scientific activity:

Department faculty together with staff of theInstitute of Mountain Physiologyof the KR National Academy of Sciences and Kyrgyz State Medical Academy are actively involved in the following research studies:

  • Physiological aspects of developing human potential to environmental conditions
  • Biochemical mechanisms of stress adaptation
  • Morphological study of extraorganic bronchopulmonary lymph nodes at the normal & venous congestion
  • Effect of thyroid gland pathology on reproductive system function
  • Distant hybridization as method of genetic diversity

The basic publications for last two years:

  1. Vishnevskyi V.V. Acute cerebral ischemia and its correction in high altitude environment conditions.-Bishkek, 2012.- 125p
  2. Muhamedova I.P. Biochemistry Practical Book (for undergraduates of medical faculty), 2010.-372p.
  3. Kostrisyna T.V. Distant hybridization as method of genetic diversity,

Contact information:

Address: Gorgy st. N 1/a, Bishkek

Phone: (0312) 449-891