Department of Humanitarian Science

Established by: ISM order № 61 on September 9, 2008

Structure of the department:

  • Head of the Department M.D. Elena P. Alekseeva (coordinates the scientific and operational work of the department)
  • Deputy principal, Senior Professor Alymkulova Nuriya (responsible for the learning process, methodological and educational work)
  • Senior Assistant (responsible for provision)


  1. Russian language (1-5 semester)
  2. Philosophy (1-2 semester)
  3. Sociology (1 semester) 
  4. History of Kyrgyzstan (1-2 semester)
  5. Latin (1 semester) 
  6. English (1 semester)

Total staff: 13

Russian language: 6 teachers
English: 3 teachers
Latin: 1 teacher
Philosophy: 1 teacher
Sociology: 1 teacher
History of Kyrgyzstan: 1 teacher


Associate professor, M.D.Alekseeva Elena P. of over 25 years work experience.

Deputy principal, Senior Professor, Alymkulova Nuriya N. of over 25 years work experience.

Key staff is of 20 years work experience on an average.

Two Professors, recognized as “The Best Teacher” by students’ poll:  Nuriya N. Alymkulova,  Saniyat A. Karimova .

Currently, 2 Ph.D. thesises are inprocess.


  • Lectures, including multimedia based lectures.
  • Practice classes (Workshops)
  • Tests of current, control and final (total) score units.
  • Total credit and examination control.


1.  List of Subjects with Tutorials and Catalogues (syllabuses), translated into English:

  • Sociology
  • Philosophy
  • History of Kyrgyzstan
  • English 
  • Latin

2.   Test control basis and test-papers updated for all the department’s subjects

3.  Published scientific papers:

  • 38 research papers on Methodology and Pedagogy.
  • 6 methodological guide lines and tutorial manuals.
  • 16 publications
  • The collection of short-stories in Russian
  • Visual Russian-English Medical Dictionary (inconjunction with the Department of SCI)

4.  Multimedia lectures revised on:

  • Philosophy
  • History of Kyrgyzstan

5. Social Adaptation and Extracurricular course for students were developed.


 At the Department, Ph.D. thesises are proceeded by:

  1. Jumabek kyzy Gulnara, English: “Wedding Ceremony in English and Kyrgyz culture “(comparative analysis) 
  2. Buteshova Ayzada R., candidate for the degree of Ph.D.: “The concept of life in Russian and Kyrgyz linguistic picture of the world”
  3. Participating in intercollegiate conferences, articles publishing in catalogues and anthologies.


       Establishment of the international student organization “Tunduk”

       Social adaptation course performing for students of the 1st year

      Contest on Russian language knowledge arrangement (“KBH”)

      Concerts in Russian arrangement

      Contests on various topics arrangement

Kyrgyzstan sights guided tour, city-guiding
The Department’s training facilities are located in the Head building (Deans Office) of ISM, 4th floor.

 The department is well equipped with modern multimedia sets