Department of Special Clinical Disciplines

The Department of special clinical disciplines of ISM was established in 2008. Currently, the department has 11 teachers, including 3 doctors of medical sciences, professor, 3 PhD, a senior teacher, 4 teachers without degrees.

Subjects of the department: Ophthalmology (8 semester), Otorhinolaryngology (8 semester), Neurology with neurosurgery (5 and 8 semesters), Phthisiology (8 semester), Infectious and Tropical diseases (9 semester), Dentistry (8 semester). All subjects are teach on the basis of the largest clinics in the country (Kirghiz Research Institute of Balneology and Rehabilitation, Republican Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases, National Center for Maternal and Child Health, National Hospital of Kyrgyz Republic, National Center of Phthisiology)

Department staffs are constantly improving skills as a professional and language. This helps to improve the quality of teaching disciplines and interested students in the subjects.

The department is equipped with multimedia equipment, which is actively used in teaching. In all disciplines are electronic textbooks, which include lecture and seminar material. There is a large base of situational tasks, which the students develop the clinical thinking. In addition, there is an electronic library and a huge amount of visual aids. All materials are available to students.

Research work
The department is constantly carried out the scientific and research work:
• Prevention of stroke (primary and secondary)
• Rehabilitation of patients with post-stroke disorders
• The problem of infectious disease in Kyrgyzstan
• The disease of HIV in Kyrgyzstan
Two assistants of the department defended of thesis: “A method for treating of the deep corneal defects” (assistant Asanova AA., Ophthalmology, 2008) and “The Formation of stable non cannula tracheostomy with difficult access to the cervical spine respiratory tract.” (assistant Orozaliev AM, Otolaryngology, 2011). Methods of treatment in these works were implement into the practical work of the National Hospital of Kyrgyz Republic.

Currently the assistant Asanova A.A. is preparing to defend the doctoral thesis “Methods of treating the syndrome limbal cell deficiency.”

 Cooperation with students

Together with the students was carried out research work, “Clinical supervision of viral hepatitis A in adults.” The studies were conducted over several months. These studies were published in an article in the journal “Science and New Technologies» (April 2009)

Also curatorial work with students carry out, to organized of the leisure of students, familiarization tours in the country, the organization of holidays, familiarity with the culture of Kyrgyzstan.


During its existence the department has been published over 100 scientific articles in national journals, journals of the near and far abroad, 10 workbooks for medical students and doctors. To remake of the curriculums for all disciplines, to updated the test material.

Conference and International Cooperation

Employees of the department continuously and actively participate in international cooperation.

Professor Kulov BB has participated in many international seminars on the treatment of stroke (Sweden, Stockholm, 2011; Turkey, Belek and Kemer, 2011 and 2012, Kazakhstan, Almaty, 2011)

Professor Kutmanova AZ passed the International Training Management of ARV and other drugs in the International Research Institute for Health in India, Jaipur, 2009, made a report to the First Congress of the Euro-Asian Society for Infectious Diseases Russia, St. Petersburg, 2010 ., participated in the XVIII International AIDS Conference, Vienna, Austria. 2010, held a training course on “The defeat of the organs and systems of HIV-infection” for specialists in the treatment of HIV infection and teachers (AIHA and the Knowledge Hub, St. Petersburg, Russia) 2010

Prof. Yuldashev IM participated in the XIII Congress of the Asia-Pacific APLAR League of Associations for Rheumatology (Yokohama, Japan, 2008), Annual Congress of the World Dental Association, (Singapore 2009), Congress of Dentists CIS (Moscow, Russian Federation 2010), 99th World Congress of Dentists (Mexico City, United Mexican States in 2011), IX Congress of Dentists CIS (Antalya, Turkey, 2011). In 2011 he passed the 3-month study course at the Department of Maxillofacial and Plastic Surgery of Graduate Medical School of Hannover, Germany