Department of Therapy


Department of Therapy was established in September 2003. Currently, the clinical bases of the department are the National hospital, City hospital number 1 and 6, the Research Institute of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, National Center for Hematology, Hospital Railway. Head of the department is the candidate of medical sciences, Professor Nazarali Naralievich Usubaliev.

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Department includes following disciplines:

– Therapy (cardiology, pulmonology, nephrology,   rheumatology)
– Endocrinology
– Hematology
– Clinical Pharmacology
– Exercising
– Dermatology
– Occupational disease
– General Physiotherapy
– Medical control
– Optional course (therapeutic massage, traditional medicine).

Aim of studying therapy is to promote:

• Development of communication skills that will help provides therapeutic care for patients;
• The development of relations and appropriate professional behavior in clinical practice;
• Development of competence in the assessment of patients: a survey of patients, medical history and life, physical examination;
• Acquisition of knowledge on the use of modern techniques in the evaluation of patients (laboratory, instrumental, etc.);
• The acquisition of the skills required for the establishment of a primary and a clinical diagnosis and treatment of common diseases of adults;
• Acquisition of knowledge management, drug and non-drug therapeutic treatments of diseases;
• The development of clinical thinking. The development of skills differentiated approach to the diagnosis and treatment of an individual patient;
• Acquisition of knowledge on prevention of common internal diseases

The department has its lecture halls. Practical exercises are conducted in leading hospitals in Kyrgyzstan, with modern methods of diagnosis, as well as in the ISMtraining complex . The department has 13 faculty members, of which 7 have a scientific degree: 2 doctors and 5 candidates of medical sciences.

EDUCATION (academic background)

Members of the department received a basic education in the Kyrgyz State Medical Institute (now – Academy) and the Kyrgyz- Russian Slavic University. A number of staff trained in graduate – Russian Cardiology Research Center and the Russian Scientific Center of Oncology (Moscow)

Employees of the department regularly attend refresher courses in various trainings and leading medical centers in Russia, Europe, China and South Korea.

The main research activities of the department:

– Epidemiological and economic aspects of type 2 diabetes
– Diabetes mellitus and hypertension
– The epidemiology of leukemia in Kyrgyzstan


More than 50 publications have published in the last 5 years by the department staff about the problems of cardiology, endocrinology in local and foreign scientific journals.


1. Hospital sacred Jude (Children’s). Tennessee, Massachusetts. International cooperation program. Director R.Ribeiro.
2. Medical Seminars Salzburg, Austria;
3. Russian Research Center of Oncology
4. Russian Academy of Medical Sciences of Russia.
5. Russian Scientific Center of Hematology Russian Ministry of Health.
6. Ankara University Ibn Sina hospital. Ankara, Turkey.
7. National Hospital, Kyrgyzstan
8. National Center for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
9. The National Center of Hematology,
Implementation in practice:

Conduct an annual scientific- practical conference “Diabetes Day” for endocrinologists, internists, pediatricians and family physicians in Kyrgyzstan


Department Assistants are members of professional societies (internists, endocrinologists and hematologists)