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12.05.2022 16:30

Летная школа "The Development of Doctoral Education and Research Capacities of Kyrgyzstani Academy"

С 9 мая по 13 мая 2022 года проходят тренинги летней школы   в рамках проекта Эразмус Плюс &nb…

11.05.2022 10:20

Medical checkup certificates to the veterans

In order to express the gratitude and highest appreciation, the administration of the International…

10.05.2022 18:09

Performance of our students at the main square of Bishkek

The administration of the International Higher School of Medicine (IHSM) is delighted to share, tha…

10.05.2022 14:30

Congratulating veterans of the Great Patriotic War on the upcoming May 9 - Victory Day.


On may 6, 2022, Vice-Rector for planning and development, Ph.D.(Medicine) - Renat M.Davle…

07.05.2022 09:00

Our students' achievements

Leaders never stop learning 

We are glad to share that our students of the 10th semester ha…

07.05.2022 09:00

Celebration of the Victory Day

Today, May 6, 2022, a festive concert dedicated to the 77th anniversary of the Victory in the Great…

29.04.2022 09:24

Development of a strategic plan for the IHSM

The management team of the International Higher School of Medicine (IHSM) conducted a seminar on th…

28.04.2022 11:32

Appreciation to the Natural Sciences Disciplines Department

The Administration of the International Higher School of Medicine sincerely thanks every faculty me…

27.04.2022 17:00

Signing of one more Mutual of Understanding

Signing of Mutual of Understanding (MoU) is the main backbone of every our students’ success.…

27.04.2022 09:00

Scholarship holders of the IHSM

International Higher School of Medicine (IHSM) in cooperation with Dr.  Potu Phani Bhushan (IS…

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