Учебная часть


Обратная связь

Обратная связь

Do you have an opportunity for an employee to combine the fulfillment of external and internal duties?

Yes, it is envisaged.

What level of English should the applicant have?

Advanced level recommended.

Can a citizen of another country get a job at your university?

Yes, if there is an invitation and registration of the right to work in government bodies.

Do you have social guarantees and incentives?

Yes, according to the Labor Legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic and the provisions of the International Higher School of Medicine on labor incentives for staff.

Is there an opportunity to improve the qualification level?

Yes, the International Higher School of Medicine has licensed qualification improvement courses in pedagogy, psychology and pedagogical skills.

Is it possible to do research at your university?

Yes, at the International Higher School of Medicine you can enter post-graduate school or carry out scientific research in clinical and laboratory units.