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IHSM 20th Anniversary Celebration with its celebrated alumni

We are thrilled to announce that as part of the momentous celebrations for IHSM's 20th anniversary, we have extended invitations to distinguished guests and esteemed alumni who have achieved remarkable success in various countries, including the USA, Japan, India, Pakistan, and Kyrgyzstan.These esteemed individuals have been invited to Kyrgyzstan to share their inspiring accomplishments with our students and engage in discussions with the administration. The event took place on June 19, 2023.

We are honored to have such accomplished alumni and distinguished guests join us in commemorating this special milestone. Their presence serves as a testament to the excellence of IHSM's education and the impact our graduates are making across the globe.

In addition to celebrating our accomplished alumni, the festivities included special lectures delivered by each of the distinguished guests. These lectures  provided our current students with a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights, expand their professional networks, and foster meaningful connections with leaders in their respective fields.