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Our graduate Dr Sahu Dindayal conducted a lecture

As part of the grand festivities celebrating the 20th anniversary, the International Higher School of Medicine (IHSM) had the honor of inviting its graduate, Dr. Sahu Dindayal, to participate in the celebration of IHSM's anniversary events. In a remarkable display, Dr. Dindayal  delivered an inspiring lecture to the students.

Dr. Dindayal had accomplished remarkable feats in the field of medicine, and his expertise in the medico-legal aspect of medical practice in India was unmatched. We were truly fortunate to have him grace our celebration with his presence.

The lecture conducted on June 19, 2023, “Medico legal aspects in medical practice in India” proved to be an insightful session, shedding light on the crucial intersection of medicine and the legal aspects surrounding medical practice in India. This topic holds immense importance in today's world, where understanding the legal framework is vital for medical professionals.

The IHSM expresses its gratitude to Dr. Sahu Dindayal for his participation and contribution to the anniversary celebrations. This memorable lecture added a significant milestone to the journey of IHSM, inspiring students to strive for excellence in the medical field while navigating the legal intricacies.